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Improv(E) Your Communication

Join us for a hands-on improv workshop that will build your professional communication skills including active listening and constructive brainstorming! Hosted with The PIT.

(New York Event)

March 25

Public Speaking Like A Boss

Public speaking is the #1 fear in America, ranking above death and spiders. Join us for a game-changing workshop with a professional speaking coach. This workshop will help you tap into strategies to become an impactful speaker and conquer your fears!

(San Francisco Event)

April 17

How To Launch A Product In 8 Weeks

Greg Larkin launched over thirty breakthrough products. Learn his formula for scaling, testing and launching an innovative product on a startup timeline.

(New York Event)

April 18

Pivoting From Failure: Entrepreneur Journeys

Ten years of bootstrapping a company was gone in ten days. Join us for a fireside chat with Michael Dermer on how he was able to pivot from failure, and learn his actionable strategies for recovering from low moments in your career.

(New York Event)

April 30

Funding Your Ideas: A Conversation With VCs and Entrepreneurs

Get access to investors and entrepreneurs who have successfully funded their companies. Learn what investors are really looking for, as well as the things that entrepreneurs wish they had known from the get go.

(San Francisco Event)

May 14

Protect Your Rights

Whether you’re building the next Uber or penning the next Harry Potter, you should make sure your baby gets the protection it deserves. Learn about the four different flavors of intellectual property (trademark, copyright, patent and trademark).

(New York Event)

May 15

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