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Protect Your Rights

Whether you’re building the next Uber or penning the next Harry Potter, you should make sure your baby gets the protection it deserves. Learn about the four different flavors of intellectual property (trademark, copyright, patent and trademark).

(New York Event)

May 15

How To Sell A Million Dollar Item Online

Join us for a conversation with Annie Wang, Head of Marketing at artnet, to discover what marketing techniques help luxury products to sell. Annie will also provide an intro course on navigating the art world. 

(New York Event)

May 30

Next Level Negotiation

Learn from a few seasoned pros how to improve your bargaining position, establish leverage, and gain better outcomes from every negotiation. Our panel will also cover when and how to walk away from a deal. This is a useful conversation not to be missed.

(New York Event)

June 11

How To Tell Stories That Form An Emotional Bond

Award-winning producer Cheryl Miller Houser to will share the storytelling methodology she developed through documentary filmmaking. Learn how to carefully cast and construct narratives that drive engagement.

(New York Event)

June 25

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