We value a curious attitude, a giving mindset, and a proactive desire to build meaningful connections with others.

When Shapr launched in 2015, we quickly rose to prominence as the leading networking app. We were applauded by top journalists at The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Inc, TechCrunch, Fast Company, GQ, Glamour and more for making networking ridiculously easy, efficient and mobile. We had built the go-to app for making connections with professionals, and helped individuals to start conversations around the globe.

What was missing for us was a sense of community. We wanted to add value for our top users by not only offering quality connections, but by also helping them find shared spaces where they could apply the same giving mindset, and connect with a curated group of dynamic, diverse and driven professionals. So in June 2018, we made it our mission to find professionals who shared three things in common:

1.  A curious attitude, and a desire to learn about new topics and industries.

2.  A giving mindset, and a willingness to help others.

3.  A desire to go beyond a business card and build authentic and meaningful relationships.

The minute you step into one of our events, you will be greeted by members who lead with questions rather than business cards. We are a helpful, welcoming and purposeful community. I have witnessed members help one another with investor negotiations, music license agreements, website builds, and even moving apartments! So apply to join our community of connectors, who balance proactivity in their careers with genuine enthusiasm to help you achieve your growth goals.

Mandy Menaker

Executive Director, Shapr Connectors Club

Ludovic Huraux


Shapr CEO

Ludovic is passionate about networking, and believes the most meaningful action you can take in life is meeting someone new. He loves challenging his contacts to a game of ping pong and splits his time between Paris and New York.

Mandy Menaker

Executive Director

Mandy leads event programming/community design and runs the NY community. Her three favorite things are connecting people, getting a hug from her ridiculously cute maltipoo puppy, and the endorphins earned after a long bike ride.



SF Community Lead

Mabel leads our San Francisco community as well as running Albert’s List, a 37,000+ member online community. There is nothing she loves more than empowering people to set ambitious goals, find their voices, and network better!

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