Diversity Is Not Just Trendy, It’s Necessary

This week, Shapr Connectors Club addressed how to create inclusive, diverse workplaces with Jeesoo S (Glossier), Anthony Onesto (Suzy), Kat Gabrielle (2050Work), Sean Hyun Lee (Beeswax).

Here were four takeaways:

1. Diversity is not just skin color and gender. Diversity includes age, socioeconomic background, disability and more. Hire a team that will think differently, not just one that looks diverse.

2. The best way to access a diverse community is by hiring recruiters with diverse networks. Otherwise, spend time going into the communities you want to attract and creating value for those communities through events, internships, and even content (Anthony created a comic book to promote women in STEM and get on the radar of female engineers – https://lnkd.in/gks7QxQ)

3. Tools such as Textio (https://lnkd.in/gYY3mFu) exist that can help you to remove bias in your job descriptions. Utilize these tools to address your own inner biases.

4. If you are a small team, bring in diverse voices via user research. You can still outsource opinions even if you can’t afford to hire a huge team!

What are your tips?

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