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Event Recap: How To Lead With Heart

Last night, Shapr Connectors Club took over the Red Room speakeasy above KGB Bar. We started with a special three song performance by soul singer and club member Leah Harris. Afterwards, we settled in for an incredibly human conversation with Claude Silver, Chief Heart Officer at VaynerMedia. The topic was how to build a business with heart, and infuse empathy throughout the organization. Here are three things that resonated deeply:

1. Actively listening is one action you can take today, no matter your role. If you ask someone how their evening was, stop, listen, and engage with the response. That small action can help build a more empathic and connected team.

2. Feedback is a positive thing. You only give feedback when you care about a person and want them to grow. Be clear with that person that you have just as much to gain from their success. Enter the conversation knowing you are there as a coach.

3. Culture advocates can be found within any organization. These are the people who can’t wait to plan a team outing or organize a March Madness bracket. Look for these people and spend time having 1:1 conversations, inviting them to join for interesting training sessions, and leaning in to their desire to build community.

What other ideas do YOU have to lead with heart?

See you at the next event!


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