Event Recap: Personal Branding with Stephanie Cartin

We consumed 10 Keki cheesecakes, 14 bottles of wine picked out by the sommeliers at Wine Larder, 5 dozen Insomnia Cookies, and sampled 3 types of Rise Coffee. The space was made even more beautiful with flower arrangements from Hunter Green. Here are three messages that personal branding expert Stephanie Cartin drove home in her talk at Mezzanine NYC:
1. Be human in your posts – It’s okay to be personal and vulnerable. People want to see the behind the scenes of your life, and sometimes the most interesting posts are a video diary of what it’s like to be an entrepreneur up at 2am.

2. Repurpose content – You can use one piece of content to create fresh material for several channels. For example, if you record one Facebook live, you can then use clips for Instagram, extract quotes for Twitter, write a blog about the conversation or do a more polished cut for LinkedIn.
3. Just because something is working, doesn’t mean it will always work – Social media companies are constantly rolling out new features and there are always new media opportunities (podcasts are trendy at the moment). Figure out how your intended audience is consuming media and be open to adjusting your strategy as technology evolves.
Here’s a few more photos from the event!

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