Event Recap: Entrepreneur’s Editor-In-Chief On How To Land PR

Shapr Connectors Club members had a fantastic evening chatting with Entrepreneur Magazine’s Editor-In-Chief Jason Feifer over cocktails at a private West Village loft.


Here are the three key messages Jason drove home about PR:

  1.  Journalists don’t care about your business. They care about their readers. Pitch a story that will resonate with the people who read the publication you are pitching.
  2. Success is not enough of a story. People are interested in the why, the how, and the problem being solved. Figure out what makes you unique or what creative strategy you tried that sets you apart. If you don’t have a reason for PR at that moment, avoid pitching until the timing is right.
  3. Be a part of a larger story. If your business doesn’t have a fresh angle, find an industry angle and pitch your business as part of a bigger narrative. These stories can actually get much more visibility since they tend to have a more important conversation surrounding them.
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This private apartment has been used by Sarah Jessica Parker and other celebrities for film shoots. It was the perfect intimate backdrop for our Connectors Club conversation!

Following the talk, members shared wine and cheese under the stars on a beautiful patio and ended up heading to a nearby bar for an afterparty!
Shapr has decided to cover an annual subscription to Entrepreneur Magazine for everyone who attended the event, which will start next month. Thanks to everyone for joining us!

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