For professionals who want to grow their business or advance their careers, Shapr Connectors Club is a VIP community that produces impactful introductions and meaningful connections.

Connectors Club will help you make the right connections

Here’s a few ways we put your networking on steroids.


VIP Experiences

Meet our community over curated experiences and dynamic panels, which are always free for members.


Impactful Introductions

Our dedicated concierge will offer personalized introductions for your career on request.


Upgraded Networking Tools

Enjoy access to Shapr’s premium features, including Teleportation, unlimited Search and See Who Swiped You Right.

We Host Topic-Driven Events in Unconventional Settings

Here’s a few recent events for members


Culinary Connections

Chef’s Kitchen: A Culinary Networking Night

Join one of Soho’s top chefs for a delicious meal and swap seats and stories between courses.


Living Room Chats

Finding Your Cause: A Chat With Activist Eva HalleR

Spend an evening with one of the world’s leading philanthropists, who has impacted millions of lives.

Living Room Chats

Land PR For Your Business
Sit down with Entrepreneur’s Editor-In-Chief to learn how to stand out in your pitch and how to get brag worthy press for your business.

Powerful Panels

Bring Your A Game To Series A: Fundraising With Purpose
Discover the tips and tricks of raising capital from successful investors and entrepreneurs.

Powerful Panels

Scale Company Culture: From 1 to 100 Employees
Actionable tips from successful professionals who have scaled teams from 1 to 100 at Casper, Kickstarter, Gemini, and Google.

Helpful Happy Hour

Think Like a Growth Hacker
This podcaster racked up over 4.2 million listens, helped 50+ other podcasts to scale, and landed a book deal. Learn his calculated secrets for growth.

Culinary Connections

Pizza Making Class
Stick your business cards in an apron pocket – we are spending the night making connections AND dinner in this private Connectors Club cooking class.

Helpful Happy Hour

Meet the Prince of Ping-Pong at SPiN
Meet the founder of SPiN over an open bar and learn how he grew a ping-pong game from his living room to an international business.
What our members say
"This was the single best networking event I've ever attended. Everyone looked me in the eyes, everyone was interesting to talk to, and the event details were seamless."

Amanda Creedon
Retention Marketing Manager, Dow Jones

What our members say
"Shapr Connectors Club is really special. Their concierge program leverages deep industry knowledge and personal relationships with movers and shakers to provide a meaningful foundation for your budding business."

Chris Siemer

What our members say
"Shapr Connectors Club provides an organic and easy way to connect with people. I have been to tons of networking events that felt a bit forced, but Shapr allowed me to connect to people as individuals. People I see as future collaborators and mentors."

Ananya Rachabattuni
COO of Lumenary

What our members say
"I used Shapr’s concierge program while hiring mid and senior level professionals for open marketing and PR roles. The team at Shapr introduced some incredibly qualified professionals who I would not have met organically, and I plan to hire at least one of them this week!"

Pascal Ehrsam
Chief Marketing Officer at Connecthings Inc

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